Robotic Surgery using Davinci Robots in Head Neck surgery

Will #roboticsurgery#davincirobot be the future of #surgery in #headneckcancer ! We are at interesting times in history where machines will assist, augment and accelerate human capabilities while improving efficiency of the #healinghands @HealthCare Global we have now embarked on a new journey with robotic surgery in head neck cancer treatments.

Robotic surgeries has dawned a new phase in RAS (remote access surgery)

Sharing a few perspectives and surprising facts on robotic surgery I discovered in this journey with Da Vinci Robotic system HealthCare Global where we have completed 4 procedures for Treating head neck cancers.

1. Minimally invasive neck dissection with small scar hidden behind ear virtually invisible - empowering cancer patient cosmetic look significantly 2. trans oral approach with amazing precision and magnification for throat cancers 4. Thyroid Surgeries for small Nodules preferably benign

Surprising facts using robotic surgery

1. The fact that surgeon operates from a distant site far away from patient with 10 times more precision and magnification

2. Never did surgeon once upon a time imagine we will arrive at a time in history where we will operate without our OT scrubs on and with a cup of coffee besides us.

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