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A child developing from an embryo in a mother’s womb is, in reality, a set of rapidly multiplying cells. But they are controlled and regulated. So, we choose to ‘love’ those cells. But when another set of cells multiply rapidly within our body, albeit haphazardly, we call it ‘Cancerous’! These cells are not foreign cells that have made an appearance from outside, but your own cells that have gone astray! We often hear people say, “Fight Cancer!” Imagine the same scenario if we were to speak to a patient suffering from a renal failure and ask him to fight his kidney or a person with typhoid to fight his fever. How difficult would that be? Similarly in the case of the C word. It makes more sense to ‘Heal’ your cancerous cells and coax them back to harmony through love and trigger the healing cascade. You can heal your cancer and heal your life.

The recent years have witnessed an inquisitive surge in exploring andcombining western medicine with eastern treatment philosophy. Optimal healing of an illness that affects the body mandates the body’s healing system be able to cater to every aspect of the human persona – the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. I believe – IQ / EQ (Emotional Quotient) / SQ (Spiritual Quotient) need to be equally balanced to accelerate the healing process in the practice of mind, body and soul medicine. Such an integrated healing approach, which works adjunct to the conventional treatment modalities, is the dire need of the hour to address treatments, side effects and complications arising from cancer and its related treatments. These integrated forms of medicine need to be acknowledged by the medical community and encouraged among patients.

Cancer patients need to be aware that their outlook, attitude and lifestyle are pivotal in healing and is as important as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy in the journey from illness to wellness. Healing demands that the patients not be mere passive participants in the process of their treatments, but pursue proactive measures to heal themselves through an integrated and holistic approach.

  • Did you know that every thought and emotion that you have affects some
  • part of your genome in a profound manner?

    those of us who fall ill actually have a different thought pattern compared

    to those who are more ‘immune’?

    a normal immune mechanism? And that your body has been doing so, for so many years until now?

    as your physical body?

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

    ~ Albert Einstein

    Love Heals! You have the ability to raise your consciousness to a state of love. You have in your consciousness the ability to heal your cancer…

    You may have Cancer, but don’t let Cancer have you!----ends---

  • Germs exist all around and yet only some of us fall ill. Did you know that
  • Did you know that your body has the ability to eliminate cancerous cells as
  • Did you know that cancer is as much an affliction of your ‘mind’ and ‘spirit’
  • Do you know that you can heal your cancer?
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