Carotid Body Tumour Surgery - What a patient needs to know

We recently operated this patient of carotid body tumour @ HCG Bangalore using INTEX Technique.

By far the largest size presented to us or reported literature - 10cms extending from neck to base of skull completely encircling the blood vessels that supply blood to neck and brain.

Many Drs visited us to observe this surgery and learn to deal with this tumours. Preoperative embolisation was done owing to large size. Patient had an uneventful surgery which took us nearly 1 hour. no ICU stay and discharged on day 4.

Carotid body tumours are rare, complicated tumours arising in carotid artery (blood vessel that supplies blood to brain from the heart).

At HCG we have few original innovative contributions to this management of this tumours.

1. We use our novel surgical technique called INTEX technique which we have described and published in index journal

2. We have a classification on the carotid body tumours called Arya and Rao classification used globally

3.Dota-PET scan to detect and rule out malignancy and Multiple tumours

4. Study the Paraganglioma Blood profile using Serum Cathecolomines, 24hr VMA's to pick up secretor tumours

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